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​If you are assisting someone who is wearing an EmergencyID product that has a 12 digit code on it, then more information is available in an online Datafile.

To access this information:

All information contained within the Datafile is controlled by the patient. EmergencyID does not modify or touch the information contained in Datafiles in any way.

Datafiles can be created by anyone, free of charge. You do not have to buy any of our products - you can simply write the code on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet! For more information on how to create an online Datafile, please click here.


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Free Online Datafile - for life!

Emergency ID offers a totally free Online Datafile, where you can store unlimited information about your health, insurance, emergency contacts - anything you want.

Create a file and have the ID Code engraved on your Emergency ID product, or put it on any other item you want - you don’t even have to buy anything from us!

First responders can access your Datafile through any web-enabled device including tablets and smartphones. There are no fees for using this service. Ever.

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EmergencyID is the only company selling custom engraved and printed ID products that accepts returns under our complete satisfaction guarantee. We want every one of our customers to be happy with their purchase, and we will do whatever we can to make sure that happens.

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