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​If you are assisting someone who is wearing an EmergencyID product that has a 12 digit code on it, then more information is available in an online Datafile.

To access this information:

All information contained within the Datafile is controlled by the patient. EmergencyID does not modify or touch the information contained in Datafiles in any way.

Datafiles can be created by anyone, free of charge. You do not have to buy any of our products - you can simply write the code on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet! For more information on how to create an online Datafile, please click here.


Do I Need An Emergency ID Bracelet?

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In every emergency, there is some information the paramedics and other first responders need to know in order to treat you—or your loved one—with the proper care. Sometimes this information is easy to share with those that need it. Other times, it will not be so easy, which is where having an emergency bracelet is critical. As you likely know, these bracelets will give the paramedics the information they need to treat you appropriately. This information can appear directly on the bracelet or you could have directions on how to access your online medical datafile on the bracelet. In either...

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5 Ways An Emergency ID Bracelet Can Save Your Life

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Some individuals have medical conditions that require treatment outside of the norm. Such conditions, while usually under control, can flare up at unexpected times. If the affected person is unconscious or unable to speak, there is no way for them to let potential rescuers know about their special treatment needs. This can result in them not receiving the necessary form of care or even receiving a type of drug that could prove fatal. Emergency ID products provide a fast and effective way for first responders to know how to help those in need. Here are five such ways in which...

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EmergencyID products are now available in retail!

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EmergencyID is very excited to announce that our medical ID bracelets, necklaces, wallet cards and ID tags are now available in select retail stores in South-Central Ontario.  If you are in any of the areas listed below, we encourage you to check out our display and help support business in your community. You can currently find our products in: Angus - Angus Borden Guardian (6 River Dr.) Collingwood - Stuart Ellis IDA Pharmacy (169 Hurontario St) Georgetown - Young's Guardian Pharmacy and Homecare (47 Main St. S.) Guelph - Norfolk Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies (85 Norfolk St.) Guelph - Royal...

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May is Food Allergy Awareness Month (FAAM) in Canada

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According to Health Canada, approximately 2.5 million Canadians self-identify as suffering from food-related allergies or sensitivities. Food allergies vary from mild to moderate, and potentially life threatening.  Symptoms can range from skin irritations to hives and more seriously, difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis shock.  The purpose of Food Allergy Awareness Month is to shed light on food allergies, raise awareness and to help educate the Canadian public on how to avoid food-related allergic reactions.  The best way to prevent food-related allergic reactions to is avoid foods or ingredients to which you have a known allergy.  This can be difficult at times...

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Traveling and keeping little ones safe with an Emergency ID tag

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Your bags are packed, endless lists have been made, re-made and checked off, and you're ready for your family trip.  This is a fun and exciting time for families, and especially for little ones as it may be their first big trip away from home, first time on an airplane or train and most likely the first time for many new experiences.  Along with the excitement that traveling brings, it can also be the source of stress.  Parents can help reduce the stress of travelling with children by ensuring their children are appropriately identified should they become separated from their...

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